Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Why have a dog - For Mega Jackpot dogs are the most wonderful thing there is! The love, friendship and loyalty of these four-legged beings make them one of the most charming beings, can be small, medium, large, white, black, tabby, naked, hairy, of breed, dogs have the power to enchant. Unconditional love and loyalty are one of the points we cannot always find in other people.

For those who have never had a dog, but have always wanted to have a dog, after reading about the joys that a furry can bring us, sure, will not resist and will understand why have a dog. Mega Jackpot has a special game called Puppy Love for those who want to mix their favorite pets with their favorite casino games.

Why have a dog and play at Mega Jackpot? - Dogs release oxytocin and so does our prizes

Oxytocin or love hormone is what causes the presence of a dog, it releases into us hormones similar to those that the pregnant woman releases, oxytocin is intimately linked to the sensation of pleasure and physical and emotional well-being, and sensation Safety and fidelity, it has been proven scientifically that dogs are able to release people in this hormone, as well as endorphin and dopamine that cause well-being, just having a dog by your side will bring you more joys, imagine then a little rabbit swaying with happiness, of course it infects.

That is why you must play Puppy Love: you will have pleasant hormones rushing through your veins while you enjoy this lovely title that has everything to enchant even the most exigent game lovers. You will be able to get amazing bonuses and play with Mega Jackpot´s free chips. You will definitely always come back for more pleasure – plus you will have your very favorite friends guide you all the way when you play!

Dogs and Mega Jackpot cut depression!

We all go through difficult times of great losses in life, this sadness and pain that we pass through, and that seems to have no end, is infinitely softened by the presence of a companion of 4 legs, we can vent with it, embrace it, caress our sense of loneliness, the simple way they live, forgive us, teach us to forgive more easily, to have more patience, responsibility, to love unconditionally and to see life in a better way, teach us the be content with less and give more value to simple things.


Dogs are funny with their own manners, the snores, when they dream, they steal food, with that guilty face, when they make fun, they run after the tail just to see you laugh, give a shit not to get scolded by the art and so many other things! Here at Mega Jackpot you will be able to enjoy all the love you have for pets through this wonderful casino game like  slotomania that has real cute designs, awesome gameplay experience and the real opportunity for you to earn good cash in prizes and awesome jackpots. Join Mega Jackpot now and have fun!

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